Fun fact: Bryson loves fans and trying to play with them!

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Our Story

Bryson was born 2.5 weeks early and upon delivery via c-section we were given the best possible gift of life but we had a long road ahead of us. We spent months in specialists offices trying to get answers, we were getting no where. He wasn’t developing and thriving like a normal baby typically would. So as his mom I pushed for him and fought for him. We spent hours in the car driving to CHOP and back home to get answers for him. Multiple tests and scans until one day we got the call. A 60 minute phone call that would forever change our lives and view points on our baby boy. We got our answers and we got his diagnosis. He’s our special little guy and he will forever be loved just that way. He continues to grow and and grow and is finally thriving. He’s the happiest little boy you could ever meet.