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Welcome to our Resource section. This section is your gateway to resources that help you navigate diagnosis, connect with specialists, and engage with a community that understands your experiences.

We hope you find this collection useful and invite you to reach out if you need further assistance or have suggestions.

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New Diagnosis Help

If you’re facing the first steps after a MED13L diagnosis, we’re here to guide you. This page offers practical suggestions to help you find your footing, understand your child’s needs, and begin navigating the path forward with confidence and support.

Family Map

Discover connections and build local support networks with the MED13L Family Map, where caregivers and those diagnosed can locate and reach out to nearby families, fostering unity and potential meetups across our global community.

Symptom Checker

Use our Symptom Checker, developed with Probably Genetic, to assess eligibility for free genetic testing. It’s designed for those experiencing symptoms related to pediatric epilepsy or developmental disorders, simplifying the journey towards a diagnosis.

Links & Articles

Browse our curated selection of Links & Articles, providing you with access to a wealth of knowledge from trusted sources on MED13L, to inform and support your journey.

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