Empowering MED13L Families

Join Our Advocacy Movement

Each of us plays a pivotal role in advocacy for our loved ones with MED13L. It’s imperative we harness our collective voice to amplify awareness and engagement.

Your participation is the bedrock upon which we construct a robust support network, essential not just for you but for all MED13L families.

How to Promote MED13L-RND Awareness & Knowledge

Any effort counts, here are some ways to get started.

Sport MED13L Pride

Wear MED13L gear to spark conversations about the condition.

Educate Healthcare Providers

Inform your pediatricians about MED13L, helping them recognize it.

Connect & Share Online

Share our journey on social media to widen the circle of awareness.

Spread the Word

Share our website with your network to educate and engage the community.

Show Your Support

Update your Facebook profile with our MED13L frame to show solidarity.

Partner With Us

Introduce us to businesses interested in sponsoring our mission.

Donating takes less than 2 minutes, and goes directly towards research.

Take the Next Step

Interested in Hosting a Fundraiser?

MED13L Gear

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