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Brooklyn was a C-Section baby Lije her sister, Katelyn. Everything looked normal until she didn’t meet milestones ( crawling, sitting walking, speech, controlling her head). She is now 18 years old and beginning to read, and speak using 4 to 6 words. She has facial dysmorphia which no one recognizes but me. She is a very sweet loving girl. Her IQ was 40 but has increased to 46. She is able to ride a bike, swim, fully dress and bathe herself, use a computer, and download games on her phone. The Dr. is amazed at her continued advancing. Her 17 year old sister has the same but can read like a first grader, perform math skills with a calculator, swim and dress herself, ride bikes, play on a computer, download games and use a phone also. Both are able to get the mail and mail letters. They understand everything you say but have some problems with processing their thoughts and creating them into sentences. They are allowed to remain in school till 21 years old. Sign language helps them recall words and are able to speak better with longer sentences. Previously, they got stuck (not being able to recall words and put them in a sentence) ….. .sign language has enabled them to recall and speak words they could not recall and speak before. Music also helps them relax. The neurologist also said violin lessons can improve their language which they will take in the fall. They have a long way to go but not near as long as before.