If you are diagnosed with MED13L or a MED13L caregiver, put yourself on the map by providing the state the family member with MED13L resides. Having this information may help families connect with those living nearby. If you are interested in connecting with families, there is an optional field for you to send an email to the MED13L Foundation. Anyone that provides consent will be connected with local families. Also, in the future the MED13L Foundation may host family meetings or informal get-togethers and this map will help determine the location of the meetings as we focus on the number of families in a geographical area.

Let’s see where we are all located and how many of us there are in the United States and around the world.

Dylan and Logan, NJ


Brooklyn, AL

Maiya, NE

Ethan, TX

Taylor, KY

William, IL

Joey, TX

Luka - Friendswood, TX

Paris, MS

Max, OH

Molly & Julia, AZ

Laura, CA

Stephanie, TX

Leticia, Iowa
Jordan, UT
Madelynn, CA
Case, Wisconsin

Lindsay, Louisiana

Evan, TX

Owen, Wisconsin

Melissa, OH

Angel, CA

Liza, TX

Shauna, Wisconsin

Shannon, Missouri
Annalise, VA

Bowen | Dallas, TX

Joe, MD

Manori, PA

Ruth, VA
Nancy, Wisconsin
Dylan | Atascadero, CA


Dan, NJ

Pietro, Kansas

Ruth | Washington DC, Maryland

Hammad Family, Mesquite, TX
Kate | Saugerties, NY
Theand & Brett | Wilmington, DE
Rachel | Gainseville, FL


Donovan, Kansas

Prestenbach Family | Lake Charles, Louisiana
Brandi - Jasper, IN
Alexa Armenta-Gomez - Kearny, AZ
Joanna Salinas | Del Rio, TX
JoAnna Johnson | McDonough, GA
Sarah Saldana | Beaumont, TX
Raven Huggins | Brookhaven, GA
Ellie Rose Deprez | Richmond, KY

The Williams Family | Houma, Louisiana

Makayla Stillwagon | Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Adeline | Saugerties, NY

Bryson | Harrisburg, PA

Maya | Miami, FL

Rocco Richmond | Fort Worth, Texas
Rush | Washington DC
Patricia Reed | Orlando, FLA
Erica Mendez-Alcaraz | Grand Rapids, Michigan
Stephanie Greer | Killeen, Texas
Bernadette & Mateo | Kentwood, Michigan
Janet | Skokie, Illinois
Abigail Carriveau | Macomg, MI
Ayslin | Mcgregor, Texas
Sebastian | Kennewick, Washington
Cale | Irvine, CA
Joey | Monroe, NY
Wright | Virginia
Ilan | Calabasas, California
Katie Barry Boychuck | Chicago, IL
Braelyn | Crawfordsville, IN

Collin Boychuck | Park ridge, Il

Wyatt | Deltaville, VA
Maisy | Valparaiso, IN
Theand | Wilmington, DE

Ashley | Burlington, NJ

Tiffany Wines | Hamlin, VA

Outside of the USA (larger map coming soon):

*Larger version of the map coming soon.

Add Your Family to the Map

If you are interested in connecting with families, you can fill out the e-mail field to send to the foundation. Anyone that provides consent will be connected. Again this is optional.