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I’m not sure I know my name is Christopher as everyone calls me CJ. The first two years of life were hard on me and my family. Lots of doctors’ appointments, a hospital stay, a hand surgery at 8 weeks old & lots and lots of therapy. My mom would always say I was such a strong little guy. Even with all the doctors’ appointments my mom, dad and sister would make life as fun as possible. We went to Arizona was I was a baby. We go camping alot, which I like. I got to attend the same Christian daycare as my big sister. There were plenty of hard times, but my mom would always advocate for me to get the things I needed and deserved. I’m currently in 1st grade and attend the same school with my general education friends from daycare. I don’t get to see them much as I do special education in a different room & get my needed therapies. I am working on verbal communication, learning two work phrases on my communication device, identifying colors, numbers and shape, learning how to take turns and share and working independently. Ugh, that last one is really hard for me. I enjoy when I get home and get to spend time with my family, dog Scrappy, cat Leo and love watching Blippi and Tractor Ted. Every week I get to go to therapeutic horseback riding, church and soccer.