Fun fact: He loves to play minecraft

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Our Story

Calcifer was born in 2017, at birth I knew something wasn’t right cause of the way he was latching to breastfeed and on a bottle. By the time he was 2 months old I realized he was delayed in everything. At the age of 4 months old we got him diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. He was in ECI from 6 months old until he turned 3 years old. I didn’t start crawling until he was 10 months old and he started walking a 2 weeks before his first birthday. Only words he would say was mama and Dada and sissy. We got the Diagnosis of MED13L Syndrome when he was 2 years old. Then when he was 3 we got the diagnosis of Nonverbal high functioning Autism and ADHD. He has been constipated since 4 months old, he has low muscle tones, sleep problems, and more. He is such a fun, loving, caring 5 year old. He loves to play minecraft and watch YouTube videos. He loves being around his 8 year old sister. He is in kindergarten this year and he is being worked with on potty training. He has a eating problem so right now he pedicure to get everything he needs since he doesn’t eat very much.