Rare Disease Day Event

For the last two years the MED13L Foundation has participated in Rare Disease Day. Check out https://rarediseaseday.org/ to learn more about Rare Disease Day.

MED13L Families a super easy way to get involved is to Show Your Rare.

#ShowYourRare is the interactive social media campaign for Rare Disease Day. You can get involved during the month of February by painting your face and sharing a photo using the hashtag #ShowYourRare in solidarity with people across the world who are living with a rare disease.

Rare Disease Day is an observance held on the last day of February to raise awareness for rare diseases and improve access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families.

Location and Date TBD | Additional MED13L event information to follow.


February 9, 2020


Location and Time TBD